what is ethereum constantinople

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, successfully implemented the long-awaited Constantinople hard fork on February. The entire Ethereum community has been awaiting the Constantinople hard fork for over a year now. The initial decision of the hard fork was. Ethereum стал одной из самых надежных криптовалют в мире с Constantinople уменьшит награду для майнеров с 3 ETH до 2 ETH за блок.

What is ethereum constantinople

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The last one to arrive on the scene will be Serenity. Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork scheduled for block , estimated around the 16th of January, ! These will improve the overall functionality of the blockchain as Ethereum moves ever closer to Casper. Introduces native bitwise shifting in the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This will allow developers to make some operations more efficient thereby saving on gas fees. This deals with state channels which will allow Ethereum to better scale in the future.

Allows smart contracts to check the code of other smart contracts more efficiently ie. Again, the network will require less gas to perform these checks. Ok, this is the big one. EIP proposes a delay to the difficulty bomb for approximately 12 months. Sounds cool but what is a difficulty bomb? Currently, the developers have built increased mining difficulty into the Ethereum algorithm to force miners to eventually switch over from proof of work to proof of stake.

The other more controversial change is a reduction in mining rewards from three Ether per block down to two. Another efficiency upgrade allowing several actions to be taken on each transaction similar to how EOS currently implements multi-level transactions.

Major upgrades result in hard forks of the Ethereum blockchain. That process splits the chain in two which has caused some issues in the past. Fortunately, the community has reached consensus on this one and everyone will be moving to the new chain. Exchanges, services, and node providers should be doing this on your behalf so the effect will be minimal for most users.

Be aware though that some of these services may pause deposits and withdrawals of Ether during the changeover. Before Constantinople, smart contracts would have to pull the entire code of another in order to verify, which took time and energy to perform.

The upgrade improves the enablement of state channels , an Ethereum scaling solution based on off-chain transactions. This reduction enables multiple updates to occur within a transaction more cheaply. EIP is one of the most highly-discussed Constantinople upgrade. After the Constantinople hard fork, miners will receive 2 ETH per block as a reward.

The reduction in ETH rewards over the years is in the effort to reduce the inflation of Ether in basic supply and demand economics. Ethereum is also not the only network to implement this strategy. Bitcoin halves its block rewards every , block towards its eventual cap of 21 million Bitcoin. Though the total supply of Ether does not have an established limit, reducing the inflation rate is an essential tool to ensure scarcity.

For a more in-depth look at the Thirdening and its consequences, read here. Difficulty Bomb Delay The Difficulty Bomb is a mechanism that, if activated, would increase the energy required i. The Difficulty Bomb was originally included in the network in September Its purpose is to support the eventual transition away from Proof of Work towards Proof of Stake. When PoS is implemented, miners could theoretically choose to support the old PoW chain, thus causing a split in the community and the creation of two separate chains — one maintained by stakers and one maintained by miners.

The solution for this not to happen is to implement the Difficulty Bomb, which would eventually phase out the efficacy of mining and allow for the complete transition of the network over to PoS without the threat of a contentious hard fork. The Constantinople hard fork will be an exciting evolution for the Ethereum community.

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