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Тем не менее, активация SegWit в сети Litecoin может послужить Чарли Ли в своем твиттере обратился к сооснователю и CEO Coinbase Брайану. Позже он перешел в Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase в качестве директора по техническим вопросам в году. В конце года Ли покинул Coinbase, чтобы. Брайан Армстронг (Brian Armstrong), генеральный директор и соучредитель Coinbase, призвал к активизации принятия Segwit.

Coinbase litecoin segwit

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The mission at hand was implementing SegWit in the Litecoin blockchain, which is easier said than done. This story is as exciting as they come. It has twists and turns and it ends with a bang. One of the most mysterious aspects of the cryptocurrency space is how decisions are made. Are you ready to learn through a practical example? Part One: Fair Launch. Lee himself define SegWit :.

By extracting the signature, transactions occupy less space. So, each block can hold more transactions. SegWit effectively increases the block size limit of the blockchain. At the time, in the Bitcoin network, miners were blocking SegWit. Anyone technical enough knows that this was not true. Basically the fear was that once SegWit is activated, miners can steal any coins sent to SegWit addresses.

It was not possible for miners to steal coins that way. Unfortunately Bitcoin testnet was not useful here. If miners can steal millions from anyone-can-spend coins, they would. Litecoin does not have a block size problem. I would even say block scaling is just a side benefit of SegWit. The main fix is transaction malleability, which would allow Lightning Networks LN to be built on top of Litecoin.

While the SegWit story evolved, Warren Togami stepped down as lead developer. At the time, mining was a relatively centralized affair and Bitmain was the… main player. Jihan Wu was in the camp of simply forking Bitcoin to increase block sizes, a notion that the community ended up rejecting. However, at the time, Wu was singlehandedly stopping SegWit adoption in Bitcoin.

And he had great influence over Litecoin too. Unfortunately that became very contentious. Because Jihan had a lot of influence, he single-handedly was able to block SegWit activation on Bitcoin. And because Bitmain also made one of the most efficient Litecoin miners, he had a lot of influence on Litecoin miners also.

So, how could Charlie Lee and his band of misfits circumvent this huge obstacle blocking their way? I met and talked to many miners throughout the end of to early Related Reading New To Bitcoin? We know that his plan worked, but it was a lot harder than expected. Investopedia makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein.

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